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Agriculture Conservation

Agricultural conservation assistance is provided through a wide variety of federal and local programs in partnership with USDA-NRCS and DNREC. 

reduced_farm lane pipe to grassed swale.

Cost-Share for Agricultural Conservation 

Financial and technical assistance is available for a wide variety of agricultural conservation projects in the categories of erosion control, water management, and water quality.  Cost-share rates are up to 75% reimbursement depending on the conservation practice and category as approved by the District Board of Supervisors and fund availability. A complete listing of conservation practices and cost-share rates can be found on our Cost-Share Program page. 


Cost-Share for Agricultural Conservation 

Cover crop is an emphasized practice under the "Water Quality" cost-share category. To learn more about the cover crop program go to our Cost Share Program page. 

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Nutrient Management

Funding is provided through the Conservation Cost-Share Program for projects involving the management of nutrients on a farm. This can include manure storage structures, gutters on barns and other structures, stream fencing for pastures, and other practices. The Nutrient Management Commission website is a good source of information at


Farm Bill Programs

The USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) offers many conservation programs through the Farm Bill, including the Grassland Reserve Program and the Wetlands Reserve Program. For a complete description of offered programs, click here to be redirected to NRCS Delaware or contact NRCS District Conservationist, Brooke Jones at (302) 365-8974.

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Farmland Assessment 

Farmland Assessment permits farmland and woodland acres that are actively devoted to an agricultural or horticultural use to be assessed at their productivity value. Visit our Farmland Assessment page for resources to complete the Farmland Assessment application. 


Large Animal Mortality

In partnership First State RC&D, NRCS, and all three Delaware conservation districts, the large animal mortality program plays important part of protecting water quality by providing an avenue for the safe pick-up and disposal of dead cows, pigs, and horses (non-race horses). For more information regarding this program, contact the Kent Conservation District at (302) 608-5370.

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Technical Resources

Technical resources are available in the office. These include various reference materials such as historic aerial photographs, topographic maps, water table maps, soil survey information, etc. There is a $50 fee per visit to review and copy requested documents.

Most of this information is also available online: 


Soil Surveys

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