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Sediment and Stormwater

Since 1991, NCCD has been a delegated agency responsible for the implementation of DRNEC's Sediment and Stormwater program for select municipalities (see list below) and for agriculture structures in New Castle County. We review, inspect, and perform maintenance inspections of construction projects, disturbing more than 5,000 square feet, to ensure that the property's stormwater is maintained on site. Projects vary from small commercial construction to large subdivisions.


Program fees are used to support the program implementation, including overall program management, plan review, construction review, and maintenance responsibilities.

Municipalities Covered

The New Castle Conservation District is a Delegated Agency responsible for the implementation of DNREC's Sediment and Stormwater program in the municipalities of:

Village of Arden

Village of Ardencroft

Village of Ardentown

Town Bellefonte

City Delaware City

Town of Elsmere

City of New Castle

Town of Newport

Town of Odessa  

Town of Townsend


For delegated agencies responsible for other municipalities or unincorporated areas in New Castle County, go to:

Documents and Forms 

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