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Farmland Assessment

Landowners in New Castle County that are applying to have their farmland taxed under the Farmland Assessment Act of 1968 need to complete a form received from the New Castle County Office of Property Assessment. On that form, the acreage is broken out into Cropland, Other Land and Forest. Each category is then further broken down by soils groups that are based on the soil productivity. Below are resources to help complete the form. NCCD can also assist you by doing the calculations. Please call (303) 832-3100 ext. 3 for assistance All applications must be submitted to the county assessor before or on February 1st of the immediately preceding tax year. To learn more about Farmland Assessment and to see required qualifications view the 2016 Farmland Assessment Report.

Forms can be found on New Castle County's website here.

Download instructions on how to complete the soils portion of the Farmland Assessment Application

Reference the New Castle County Farmland Assessment Soil Groups here. 

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