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We are currently searching for tax ditch officers.

Contact Rick Mickowski to learn more!  

Top-Tax Ditch

Tax ditches are channels ranging in size from six to 80 feet wide, and two to 14 feet deep to aid with drainage in a given area. Tax Ditch Associations are watershed-based organizations that operate as a governmental subdivision of the State to construct and maintain those tax ditches. Tax Ditch Associations are comprised of all landowners (also referred to as taxables) of a particular watershed or sub-watershed and are overseen by ditch managers and a secretary/treasurer. These officers are landowners within the watershed and are elected at an annual meeting by the taxables.

What are Tax Ditch Associations 


Tax ditch organizations are responsible for the construction and maintenance operations of their respective tax ditch. This include functions such as: 

  • Collecting taxes sufficient enough to provide funding required for maintenance

  • Maintaining The Drainage System: 

    • Controlling vegetation on ditch bottom and slopes

    • Restoring channels to the designed lines and grades

    • Removing beavers and beaver dams

  • Receiving administrative and technical assistance from Division of Soil and Water Conservation

To learn more about the functions, powers, and responsibilities of tax ditch associations go to: 


Pencader Tax Ditch


Guthrie Tax Ditch

How to I find out if I belong to a tax ditch?

There are 26 tax ditches in New Castle County. To find out if you are part of a tax ditch:

Search for your address on the DNREC Tax Ditch Map

Who do I contact about my tax ditch?

To learn more about your tax ditch officers or tax ditch association's next meeting, contact Rick Mickowski.

- OR - 

For other informatin, call  DNREC's Drainage and Stormwater Assistance Line at


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Screenshot of DNREC Tax Ditch Map

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